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mike brown
A Change in Scenery,
Not of Dedication or Focus

In February, Mike Brown, formerly the leader of Brown Midwest LC, a third-generation family homebuilding company, began a new chapter of his career within the industry. Brown accepted the challenge of heading up the Kansas City division of Rausch Coleman Homes.

“We survived the downturn at Brown Midwest but when the housing recovery began, my equity partners, due mainly to their advanced ages, were not willing to take on the risk required to return to prerecession levels,” Brown explained. “I was faced with either finding new equity partners or finding something else to do.”

Timing is everything and for Brown, the timing of a call from John Rausch, CEO of Fayetteville, AR-based Rausch Coleman Homes was indeed timely. Rausch was interested in having Brown become the area’s new Division Manager, answering Brown’s question of what he would do.

Since taking over the Kansas City division, Brown has been drafting a comprehensive plan aimed at increasing Rausch Coleman’s volume to 250 homes per year in the area. The company’s other markets in Arkansas and Oklahoma are currently achieving this level of production.

“We are dedicated to providing homes of high quality for first-time homebuyer,” Brown says. “By maintaining this ‘singular focus’, I am confident we will attain our goal in the Kansas City market. We are uniquely positioned to provide both quality and value, the very things the first time buyer in Kansas City is especially looking for in a new home.”

Rausch Coleman offers exceptional starter homes in the $175,000 to $225,000 range in many popular communities throughout the Metro area. This recipe has proven successful in not only their own developments such as its nearly sold-out community of Sunrise Farms in Grandview where only two sites remain, but in various other developments as well. And while building homes in their focus, the company is always looking for development opportunities.

Although Rausch Coleman does not build custom homes, they are able to maximize their level of quality by utilizing a set group of proven plans and subcontractors. As proof that this approach is working, one of its three entries on the recent Spring Parade of Homes was presented one of 22 Grand Awards bestowed as part of HBA’s American Dream Awards program. Homes are judged on design, materials and craftsmanship.

Rausch Coleman entered the Kansas City market approximately five years ago and has enjoyed measured success. In fact, they expect to build 85 homes this year, 125 next year and 250 units in 2016.

By concentrating on the company’s “singular focus”, they can more easily identify land opportunities that will result in exceptional communities. This will allow them to meet their goal and to continue a reputation as the ‘NUMBER ONE provider of new homes for first-time buyers’.

The need for quality starter homes will always exist. And as Brown explains...”People will always be graduating from college, falling in love, making babies and pursuing the American dream of owning a home with a back yard and a swing set.”

Rausch Coleman is currently building in these fine communities: Barry Brooke, Line Creek Meadows and Bristol Park in Kansas City North, Plum Creek in Gardner, KS, Sunrise Farms in Grandview, MO and Whitetail in Olathe, KS.

For more information, stop by one of their communities or visit www.RauschColeman.com.

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Mike Brown heads up the Kansas City Division of Rausch Coleman