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Building "Forever" Homes on a Firm Foundation

"Forever" is generally accepted to mean lasting or permanent. However, building a "forever" home is about much more than just bricks and mortar and solid building materials. What makes a house a forever home is often a combination of intangible ingredients that combine to create a buyer's dream property – one they can imagine calling home "forever". Kevin Stallings, President of Dreams & Design Building understands this concept completely. As Stallings says, "Some can design but not build while others can build but not design—we do it all".

The execution of that vision is what sets Dreams and Design Building apart from other building companies. Knowing just as a home is only as solid as the materials used to build it, Stallings realized early on that a home building team is only as strong as its weakest link. That's why he has surrounded himself with a unique team of trained professionals who are dedicated to going the extra mile into creating "forever" homes for their customers.

Since a new home is one of life's largest investments for his customers, Stallings believes just as every home owner should be involved in the entire process of designing and building their homes, so should his staff. With two full time superintendents, multiple team members dedicated to tracking the myriad of finish selections customers choose during the build process, and all actual design work handled in house, the Dreams & Design Building team is intrinsically involved in each step of the home building process.

Every week, Stallings holds what can only be described as marathon meetings, where each individual build job is dissected and each team member is brought up to speed on all facets of every project. "We believe that the key to buyer satisfaction is builder performance—and it is our goal to provide the highest quality in every phase of the building process," explains Stallings. That goal is achieved through a commitment to clear, complete, and consistent communication among the Dreams & Design Building team.

As motivational speaker John Maxwell likes to say, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". The dedication Stallings's staff shows to Dreams & Design Building customers is palpable, as is the respect satisfied customers show for the staff in turn. Recently, a team member's son was tragically killed in an accident. In a moving and truly humbling show of support, multiple past customers came forward to offer their assistance to the team member's family. At the end of day, you can see how these customers do truly become part of the Dreams and Design Building family.

Family is forever. And the Dreams & Design Building Team is dedicated to building your family's "forever" home. "From site analysis, to design, through selections, and on to construction and closing...no other builder offers the talent and expertise that we provide," Stallings explains. "We are committed to helping each customer build the exact home design they envision—one that will fulfill their 'Forever' needs."

In addition to specializing in acreage home building, Dreams & Design Building is currently involved in multiple residential developments across the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Kevin Stallings is a Certified Green Builder (CGB), and recognized by EnergyStar.gov as the #1 Builder of single family Energy Star Certified 3.0 homes in the Kansas City market. For more information, contact Kevin Stallings at 816.427.5217 or visit DreamsandDesignBuilding.com.

For more information, contact Dreams & Design Building
at 816-427-5217

to schedule an appointment or visit their website at

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What really goes in to building a "Forever" home?