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A reputation built on quality construction and satisfied homeowners, C&M Builders is determined to make certain their reputation oulives their warranty!

With a dedication to a fundamental principal such as this, what else could you possibly need to know about C&M Builders?

Only that this is more than a mere philosophy, it is an absolute certainty put into practice every day in every phase of Chad Buck’s home building business—and it shows.

Kansas City area homebuyers are reaping the rewards of C&M’s passion for building homes of enduring quality, design and value that embody pride and satisfaction for not only their customers, but for Chad and Melissa as well. They are setting the standards by which others will be judged.

“A person's or a family’s home can be the most visible evidence of who they are and how they live,” explains Chad. “The fundamental needs, lifestyle, tastes and desires of every home owner ultimately guides how we design and construct a beautiful, functional home that incorporates their personality so they can enjoy a home that lives with them. Being a semi-custom home builder provides us a lot of flexibility.”

C&M Builders conducts its business in a responsible and ethical manner while seeking new and creative ways to add value to their homes that the customer can easily recognize. The company’s incredible success can be attributed to these core values. Chad Buck represents the best of a new generation of connected, efficient and well educated builders. Although he does business differently than most of his predecessors, he feels bound to a time when business was conducted with integrity and trust was established with a handshake

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"It's Good to Come Home"
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“It's really hard to find the words to thank you for building us such a beautiful home. Jake and I said the other day as we walked in that we never want to leave!! From start to finish, your entire team helped us through the building process and made it painless. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and are so happy with our home. Thank you Chad, Justin, April and Melissa for everything. We love you guys!"

—Jake & Heather Cole

Chad is (rightfully) proud of C&M’s history of building excellence and the level of expertise they have established in the traditionally segmented markets that make up the Metropolitan Kansas City area. C&M has manifested an uncanny ability to bridge traditionally steadfast boundaries and the perceptions of builders in a way that practically no other builder has. C&M’s homes are as widely sought after in Johnson County as they have been in Cass, Clay, Platte and Jackson Counties.

"We are pleased and excited of how well received our products and our approach to home building has been in every part of the city, “Chad expressed. “I feel we have overcome certain stereotypes people have had of builders by striving to be virtually all things to all people. Regardless of where we build, we worry more about providing amazing quality, diverse, exciting floor plans and a new level of customer care than we do about how many homes we’re building each year. I honestly don’t worry about the numbers or about what others are doing. We let each home speak for itself.”

C&M Builder’s beautiful homes are synonymous with extraordinary design, quality, and innovation. Their homes provide a solid investment for the families who live in them and are a testimony to C&M’s creativity and craftsmanship.

Regardless of price range, every C&M Builder home possess one consistent standard feature...the “WOW” factor. This is where C&M Builders shine—Building homes you truly will enjoy coming home to.

To further enhance the building experience for their customers, C&M Builders utilizes a customized On-line Management System that allows them to efficiently communicate with each new homebuyer. The system also allows customers to stay up-to-date with the progress of every phase of construction and to make choices along the way to uniquely personalize their new home.

“We design and construct each home in an environmentally responsible, energy-efficient manner because we believe it’s the right way to build today,” Chad says. “Budget, design, and compromises in quality are not necessary in order to be considerate of the environment. Incorporating ‘Green’ building practices and Energy Star Certified products doesn’t necessarily translate to exhorbinate cost and are standard in every C&M built home.”

The company's association with top developers of some of the most prestigious communities in the area is no accident. Chad seeks out developers that are proven and stable and are going to deliver on amenities and the level of community that most customers desire.

Family plays such an integral role at C&M Builders. Theirs is a business with roots planted firmly in family traditions and values. With three children, Chad and his wife, Melissa (the “M” of C&”M”), balance the responsibilities of family and business, and the talents of Melissa Buck are evident in the gorgeous interior designs of every C&M home.

When it’s time to build the home of your dreams, you should definitely consider C&M Builders, they will strive not only to meet your expectations, but exceed them.

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The C&M team knows how important it is to give back to the communities that have helped make C&M Builders one of the most successful home building companies in the region.

C&M is a team member of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Chad is on the Board of Directors for the Kansas City Home Builders Association. He is also a Planning and Zoning Commissioner in Raymore, MO.

You can contact C&M Builders at 816-322-8118 or visit www.cmbuildersinc.com.
-Chad Buck of C&M Builders
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